Interactive DeflateGate Simulator

Adjust the starting conditions yourself!

Make the Patriots football average and the Colts football average to touch or lie between their respective pressure curves at half-time.
Use the Workbook in conjunction with this simulator to learn more about conclusions regarding DeflateGate Physics.
On the composite graph above, each curve represents a football whose pressure is changing due to temperature, humidity, and wetness condition. The vertical axis is Pressure (psig), as adjusted for each gauge (Logo or NonLogo) to the Master Gauge used in the experiments by Exponent. The circular points are the averages of the balls measured at half-time by the referees - red for the Patriots, blue for the Colts. If both circular points lie near or between their respective wet ball and the dry ball curves, then no deflating of the footballs occurred. The circular points will glow red if the point is located outside the area between the wet and dry curves, yellow if within 2 standard error of the allowed area, or green if inside or within 1 standard error of the allowed area. Adjust the starting values to see if you make it work for the Patriots!